Code igniter validation

19 Apr

php – Codeigniter form validation error message – Stack Overflow 4 answers – 8 Dec codeigniter captcha 2011 I have a form on my website header where i allow the user to log in … set_message method allow you to set your own error messages on the fly. validation – Codeigniter. Validate

PUT data – Stack Overflow 6 answers – 11 Aug 2011 Nope! Doesn’t work. What you CAN do is hack it so: $_POST[‘foo’] = $this->put(‘foo’);. Allowing the CodeIgniter Form Validation class to validate … Form validation custom message in codeigniter? – Stack Overflow 2 answers – 18 Sep 2012 In codeigniter I have used codeigniter form validation library in many … If you want to permanently over-ride the error message just hard code it … php – Codeigniter form validation set message – Stack Overflow 2 answers – 24 Oct 2012 A quick one guys I have the same (ish) form validation rule for the … $this->form_validation->set_message(‘is_unique’ ‘%s is taken.’); … php – How to set custom error message with form_validation And … 1 answer – 5 Sep 2010 i am newbie in i am trying to do form validation for … It doesn’t work like you stated you should read this section of the user … php – How to allow empty or numeric values

in codeigniter’s … 3 answers – 3 Dec 2011 I’d like to have input validated with form_validation class that’ll allow … $this->form_validation->set_rules(‘field[]’ ‘The field’ ‘numeric|xss_clean’); … validation – How do I validate a form field in Codeigniter when using … 1 answer – 9 May 2012 I have a form that worked perfectly until I switched codeigniter captcha the form to … This post on the Codeigniter Forum suggests that form validation does not work … CodeIgniter Validation: possible to validate GET query strings … 2 answers – 4 Jun 2012 The form validation library seems to only work on POST. I need to use … The current Codeigniter 3.0 development branch provides an option to … php – Custom form validation error message for Codeigniter 2 … 7 answers – 30 Apr 2011 I have a drop down named “business_id”.

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